Regan Mathurin, Vice President, Alphabet Creative

Regan not only brings to Alphabet a strong work ethic, outgoing personality and witty sense of humour (typical of those raised on the East Coast), but also an exceptional aptitude for media strategy having developed her prowess at advertising agencies across the country. Over her fifteen+ years in the industry, she has amassed an impressive list of credentials, including being named one of the youngest Media Directors in Canada at the age of 25, and assuming an integral marketing role with one of the world’s largest apparel brands.

Her vast experience on national and international campaigns in a variety of sectors including Travel & Tourism, Retail, Not for Profit, Government, Pharmaceutical, Technology and Broadcast have allowed her to develop her comprehensive range of skills: strong project management, relationship development and interpersonal skills all complement her proven strengths within the media landscape.

With traditional advertising mediums evolving to include new types of consumer interaction, Regan continues to consistently push the envelope in order to effectively reach these consumers in unique, non-traditional ways. Creative thinking and collaborating with a talented team of critical thinkers is what brought her to Alphabet and continues to excite her about the world of advertising.