Doreen Ashton Wagner, Organizational Catalyst

A catalyst makes things happen. As the lead consultant at Greenfield Services, Doreen does just that. She is passionate about facilitating problem-solving and idea generation. The services she delivers to Greenfield clients include:

  • Membership and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Sponsorship and Exhibit Marketing
  • Engaging Meeting Design
  • In-Person Facilitation.

Marketing flows through her veins, though Doreen knows that marketing is never effective unless it is engaging.  And to be engaging, marketers must have a deep understanding of their audience, and they must be authentically aligned with that audience.  Otherwise any effort will fall flat.

Doreen uncovers ways for associations to better engage stakeholders with evidence-based methods such as town halls, focus groups (both in person and virtual), 1-on-1 interviews.  She loves to work with associations to create effective programs and engaging events!