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Traditional learning & professional development opportunities for association executives can be both time consuming and costly.  Meagan Rockett, CEO of Greenfield Services, recognized this as a hurdle for associations to overcome – because each association understands that ongoing learning is important – but many simply cannot afford the time and expense to make it happen.

While continuing to learn, innovate and engage is important, Rockett realized that there should be a better, easier, more convenient way. “I have been watching online communities pop up everywhere in the corporate space.  Then, the light bulb went on – it’s a fabulous concept for the association space too! And so, I am thrilled to introduce the Engaging Associations Community.”, says Rockett.

The Engaging Associations Community is different from other organizations – instead of paying to belong, and having the opportunity to participate in professional development sessions & conferences at a reduced rate; OR not being a member and participating at a higher rate, the community will provide significant benefits for the cost of belonging.

Packages have been created based on association size, and personal preference for a monthly plan or annual plan.  With the package, you get monthly learning included – through webinars, Ask Me Anything Calls, and bundles which will include tips and best practices, worksheets, and more.

Will there be additional costs?  Perhaps, if you want to increase your development, but it is NOT required.  Here are some of the additional items that may come up from time to time:

  • Attend a live event: The Engaging Associations Forum in July, or a local event planned in your region.
  • Coaching Opportunities: With one of our resident experts, you can “buy hours” with a coach should you want to have them in your reserve.
  • Hire An Expert: Heard something from one of our experts that you want to implement into your organization?  Hire a consultant at a reduced rate.

Join Now!  We look forward welcoming association executives to the online community!

Meagan Rockett
Engaging Associations Community

Useful Links:

Community Site: http://engagingassociations.ca/

Event Site: http://event.engagingassociations.ca/

Video Introduction: https://vimeo.com/253268278

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/engageassn/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/engageassn

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