June 2018 Bundle Now Available!

Transcript from video:

Hello, Meagan Rockett here with the Engaging Associations Community.  I am SO thrilled to tell you that members are signing up, and our first bundle of the community, the Membership Recruitment Bundle – is here and ready for you to get working!

I wanted to give you a quick snapshot of what’s inside the bundle for June:

First, we talk about member personas – the what, the why and the how.  Our workbook will walk you through the 9 steps to think about.

Then, of course we have a worksheet for you to start identifying your personas.  We mention it inside the bundle, but I want to remind you NOW to give each persona a name – you are recruiting humans – so humanize your persona.

Next, there is an inventory of member benefits worksheet – to think about both the tangible and intangible benefits your association offers – list them, figure out how these benefits solves a problem, or helps members achieve their goals.

Finally, we have included Member Recruitment Ideas – 12 of them, to help you kick start your recruitment process.

Members can log into their profile and download the bundle NOW.  For those who have not signed up yet, visit engagingassociations.ca – we have packages available starting at $29/month.

And, of course, stay tuned to the blog, and our social media pages for more info – July is rapidly approaching and it will be a busy month – we will have both our live event (the Engaging Associations Forum), and our July Bundle on Membership Retention.

Until then, keep innovating and creating change!

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