Attendance Promotion Bundle Announcement

Our next bundle for Association Executives will be all about Attendance Promotion (or, Event Marketing).  You will focus on:

  • Developing personas for your conference attendees;
  • Defining your social assets and setting goals and structure to your promotional activities;
  • Work through a sample marketing plan that includes mail, email, phone, social activities;
  • A Marketing Plan checklist for your conference.

The Bundle will be made available to member’s only section.  Don’t miss out – join now!


The Membership Retention Bundle is Here!

Transcript from video:

Good afternoon everyone! Meagan Rockett here with the Engaging Associations Community. I am thrilled to tell you that the next bundle on Membership Retention is now available in the member portal, so I wanted to record a short video to let you know what is included this time around.

We kick it off with our introduction on Membership Retention. Then we have got our Tips & Best Practices document and the progress your association should be making year round.

We have some checklists available to help get you through, and as we were creating the bundle, we couldn’t help ourselves so there is a secondary tips and best practices document on communication efforts required. Finally, we have some content template ideas to help you with your marketing efforts.

Members of the community can access NOW. For those who have not signed up yet, visit – we have packages available starting at $29/month.

Happy Engaging!

Meagan Rockett Recognized as a 40 Under 40 by Connect


Meagan Rockett Recognized as a 40 Under 40 by Connect 

Meagan Rockett, CEO of Greenfield Services, was recognized as a member of Connect Association magazine’s “40 Under 40.” The honor highlights the top young professionals in the events industry. Connect Association is a national, B2B magazine that provides resources and ideas to professionals and planners in the meetings and events industry.

Peers in the events world nominated Rockett. Nominations were received from across the country, then reviewed and evaluated by the Connect staff based on references, industry involvement and other resources.

For the full description of Rockett’s accomplishments, click here.

The entire list of recognized honorees and individual profiles can be found here.


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Connect is a leader in the meetings, events, travel and tourism industry. Specializing in destination marketing, the company produces digital programs, online and mobile solutions, meetings business and travel magazines, trade shows and consumer events, travel guides for newspapers and leisure magazines, and destination information which is distributed through broadcast and custom programs. Connect, formerly known as Collinson Media & Events, introduced the popular Marketplace format to the meetings industry and now produces national shows for meeting planners in the Corporate, Expo, Sports, Diversity, Association and Faith sectors as well as other state- and region- specific meetings- and hospitality-focused events. More information about the company’s brands and services is available at

Media contact: Matt Swenson, Connect Editorial Director


July 2018 Bundle Announcement

Well, with the official launch of the community and the publishing of the June Bundle, there’s no stopping us now!

July’s Bundle will be all about membership retention.  You will focus on:

  • Creating your inventory list of the association’s achievements this past year;
  • Creating an inventory list of your associations membership benefits;
  • Gathering testimonals
  • Focusing on outlining specific goals for next year
  • Producing a Kick-A** Retention Marketing Plan

The Bundle will be made available to member’s only section.  Don’t miss out – join now!


June 2018 Bundle Now Available!

Transcript from video:

Hello, Meagan Rockett here with the Engaging Associations Community.  I am SO thrilled to tell you that members are signing up, and our first bundle of the community, the Membership Recruitment Bundle – is here and ready for you to get working!

I wanted to give you a quick snapshot of what’s inside the bundle for June:

First, we talk about member personas – the what, the why and the how.  Our workbook will walk you through the 9 steps to think about.

Then, of course we have a worksheet for you to start identifying your personas.  We mention it inside the bundle, but I want to remind you NOW to give each persona a name – you are recruiting humans – so humanize your persona.

Next, there is an inventory of member benefits worksheet – to think about both the tangible and intangible benefits your association offers – list them, figure out how these benefits solves a problem, or helps members achieve their goals.

Finally, we have included Member Recruitment Ideas – 12 of them, to help you kick start your recruitment process.

Members can log into their profile and download the bundle NOW.  For those who have not signed up yet, visit – we have packages available starting at $29/month.

And, of course, stay tuned to the blog, and our social media pages for more info – July is rapidly approaching and it will be a busy month – we will have both our live event (the Engaging Associations Forum), and our July Bundle on Membership Retention.

Until then, keep innovating and creating change!

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A New Way To Learn – Association Professional Development Made Easy

Traditional learning & professional development opportunities for association executives can be both time consuming and costly.  Meagan Rockett, CEO of Greenfield Services, recognized this as a hurdle for associations to overcome – because each association understands that ongoing learning is important – but many simply cannot afford the time and expense to make it happen.

While continuing to learn, innovate and engage is important, Rockett realized that there should be a better, easier, more convenient way. “I have been watching online communities pop up everywhere in the corporate space.  Then, the light bulb went on – it’s a fabulous concept for the association space too! And so, I am thrilled to introduce the Engaging Associations Community.”, says Rockett.

The Engaging Associations Community is different from other organizations – instead of paying to belong, and having the opportunity to participate in professional development sessions & conferences at a reduced rate; OR not being a member and participating at a higher rate, the community will provide significant benefits for the cost of belonging.

Packages have been created based on association size, and personal preference for a monthly plan or annual plan.  With the package, you get monthly learning included – through webinars, Ask Me Anything Calls, and bundles which will include tips and best practices, worksheets, and more.

Will there be additional costs?  Perhaps, if you want to increase your development, but it is NOT required.  Here are some of the additional items that may come up from time to time:

  • Attend a live event: The Engaging Associations Forum in July, or a local event planned in your region.
  • Coaching Opportunities: With one of our resident experts, you can “buy hours” with a coach should you want to have them in your reserve.
  • Hire An Expert: Heard something from one of our experts that you want to implement into your organization?  Hire a consultant at a reduced rate.

Join Now!  We look forward welcoming association executives to the online community!

Meagan Rockett
Engaging Associations Community

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