Announcing the TD Ask Me Anything Lunch!

Sound financial management is one of the cornerstones of association operations and good governance. Which is why having the right financial institution as a partner is so important. That’s why The Engaging Associations Forum is pleased to announce that through its partnership with TD Bank and TD Insurance, our association community will have a unique[…]

Associations Executives Crave Peer-to-Peer Exchange

From the feedback received from our focus groups and post-event survey in 2015, association execs told us peer-to-peer (P2P) learning is what they crave.  They want an opportunity to exchange information with each other – not just from consultants and “experts” – about failures, successes, how-to-do’s and not-to-do’s. This was an interesting finding for us[…]

New this year – The Warm Up Reception

Over the past two years The Engaging Associations Forum would kick off with the Breakfast on Day 1.  Based on the feedback we received from our speakers and presenters in 2015, we have added another opportunity for association executives to gather and get to know each other better. Thanks to VIA Rail, one of the Forum’s[…]

What is your definition of ENGAGEMENT?

These days in the business press we hear a lot about engagement.  In its State of the American Workplace, Gallup reports that less than 30% of the US workforce is engaged in their job, with 17.5% being actively dis-engaged.  Meanwhile studies conducted by global management consulting firm Hay Group show that high levels of employee[…]