February 2, 2016

Birds of a Feather Flock Together…

The idea of bring together people who have a common interest has been around forever; isn’t that one of the fundamental functions of associations? At a previous Engaging Associations Forum we heard a number of our solo-preneurs* had a particular craving to meet and talk about their common interests.

In honour of these participants – Rita, Christine, Dawn – we have created the Engaging Associations Forum Birds of a Feather dinners. On Thursday, July 21, after the Day Celebration reception, we have provided time and space in our program for you to go to a nearby restaurant to join like-minded people for dinner and conversation.

Not everyone will want to join, so this part of the program entails an additional fee. For $69 (including gratuities, plus tax), you will enjoy a nice, casual 3-course meal (with a choice of appetizer, entrée and dessert) and beer or wine. Dietary restrictions will be honoured.

When you register you can choose from four Flocks:

  • Solo-preneur/single manager associations (of course! It was their idea in the first place)
  • Small associations
  • Large associations
  • And for adventurous souls, we have a “surprise me!” flock… Register for this one if you want to just go out with other association execs (you have to eat anyway, right?), or want to come up with your own topic.

These dinners are an excellent way to network, and we are happy to facilitate them for you. Rest assured these will entail as much or as little structure as the participants wish!

*Solo-preneurs are the affectionate term we have used to describe those Executive Directors who are the only employee or contractor for their association. Often working from home, they must be the strategist, the tactician, the bookkeeper, the project manager and/or the procurement officer… making sure the business of the association runs smoothly!