Announcing the TD Ask Me Anything Lunch!

Sound financial management is one of the cornerstones of association operations and good governance. Which is why having the right financial institution as a partner is so important. That’s why The Engaging Associations Forum is pleased to announce that through its partnership with TD Bank and TD Insurance, our association community will have a unique opportunity to engage in a dialogue with bank and insurance representatives.

This is your chance to ask anything. That’s right, it’s call the Ask Me Anything Lunch because… you can!

Ask about issues such as:

  • How can your Association get the most out of technology to effectively manage its financial resources?
  • How can your association protect itself from current fraud schemes?
  • What sort of investment policy statement should your association have?
  • What strategies can you employ to maximize your investment return?
  • What should you look for in an insurance provider to provide the best possible coverage for your members (while creating a non-dues revenue stream for your organization)?

And our partners at TD, Pamela, Sylvain and Noor also want your feedback! What can your financial institution do to be a better partner with your association? Don’t hold back they want your real opinions: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

The Ask Me Anything Lunch, brought to you by our valued partners at TD Bank and TD Insurance, is your opportunity to ask questions to help you better manage your association!

Do you have a burning question you want to ask? Reserve your spot here and get ready for a lively and informative conversation around MONEY!


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