The Ever-Talented Team at Lou Lou Lounge Returns to the Engaging Associations Forum

We are thrilled to have the FABULOUS team at Lou Lou Lounge return to the Engaging Associations Forum for the 4th year in a row!

They have just gotten the intent of our Forum from the start.  We wanted to create change.  We wanted to challenge the status quo.  We wanted a calm, engaging, beautiful, creative environment for our participants and they deliver, year after year.

As event planners first and foremost, Lou Lou Lounge understands the importance of working with trusted suppliers to provide a high level of quality and service standards.  They get that their collection needs to reflect the needs of the events industry.

If you have attended, you know exactly what we mean.  If you have not attended, be prepared to be wowed!  And, in the meantime, click here to have a peek at their gallery.


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