Is Peer-to-Peer Learning Trending in Your Association?

Two years ago at The Engaging Associations Forum our Keynote Speaker Jill Birch alerted us to the need to more peer-to-peer learning models in our professional and trade associations. (read Jill’s article here)

One reason is that Millennials, the generation that everyone seems to be chasing these days, was brought up with peer-to-peer learning. We never called it that, but all the group projects our Millennial kids ever did in fact trained them to expect the ability to exchange information readily with one another, working collaboratively (last year’s Keynote, David Coletto, confirmed that too!).

But what does that look like in an association event context?

Rather than tell you, we thought we’d show you.  The entire afternoon of Thursday, July 20 is dedicated to peer or collaborative learning.

The Heart Seat session is the one we want to tell you about today. This session is where speed dating meets crowd-sourcing: it’s a brand-new format, never done before at an event like this.

We will have two association executives – one from a professional and one from a trade association – tell us about a particular issue they are contending with in their membership department. It could be recruitment, retention, engagement, whatever is the problem. Forum organizers will work with the chosen executives in advance to get at the root of the problem (that’ll be the “speed-dating” elevator pitch), so facts are presented quickly and the solutions can start flowing (that’s how the crowd-sourcing comes into play!).

Through a facilitated process, everyone will be able to ask clarifying questions, and offer solutions.

You’ll see the process in action and can then decide if you can “steal” the idea for your own association events. Doesn’t that sound cool? At the very least you can learn about another association’s membership woes and solutions so you can apply some tweaks to your organization.

The Canadian Association community has come to know about The Engaging Associations Forum as an event that pushes boundaries. Are you ready to push boundaries with your own membership situation? Apply to be in the Heart Seat here!

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