Freedom in the Cloud: A Modern and Flexible Approach to Technology for your Association

It’s 2017, and digital technology is changing at a pace that is hard to keep up with no matter what sector you work in. For association leaders, how do you cut through the noise and feel confident in your IT decisions? There is so much talk of “the cloud” – you can’t escape it. But what does it really mean to you and your association?

Jeff Horne, Founder & CEO of Industrial, and Michael Brennan, CEO of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, will take participants through the journey of traditional software and IT solutions and towards an understanding of what it means to embrace the cloud. They’ll define what “the cloud” actually is, how it’s used by Fortune 500 companies, how the Physiotherapy Association has embraced it, and why all associations should do the same.

Topics will include the pitfalls of monolithic software applications such as Association Management Software (AMS), why you should get out of the closet and into the cloud for data storage, and the freedom and flexibility you can achieve by embracing what modern technology has to offer.

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