Computer and SmartPhones: Does Your Association Have a Clear Policy?

This post was submitted by Raquel Chisholm, with Emond Harnden LLP.  Join us at the Engaging Associations Forum, where Raquel will host a Learning Lounge 20-minute mini-presentation on Managing Legal Risks & Engaging Millennials in the Workplace. For years, employers have believed that if they provided computers, laptops or even smart phones to employees, the employer had the[…]

Climate Solutions: How Associations Can Make the Global Local

By Mitchell Beer When nearly 178 countries officially signed the global climate change agreement this past April at United Nations headquarters in New York, it’s doubtful that very many associations outside the energy and environment communities saw themselves in the picture. That’s because one of the biggest challenges in solving climate change—and one of the[…]

Conference Board of Canada to Provide Participants with Webinars

The Conference Board of Canada is pleased to extend a complimentary invitation to participants of the 2016 Engaging Associations Forum to the following two live webinars: The Science of Employee Engagement: An Evidence-Based Perspective August 10, 2016 @ 2:00 PM ET Using classic and cutting-edge research, this 60-minute session will look at the scientifically supported[…]

Presention Overview – ‘The Power of Prediction’

Engagement tracking/scoring is currently a ‘hot’ topic for many leading association executives.  But just scoring a member’s historical involvement may be ‘too little, too late’ for many organisations.   However what if it was possible to accurately predict (using data you already have available) – a member’s future engagement?  For progressive organisations, ‘big data’ analytics and[…]

How Digitally Mature is Your Association?

Associations are not immune to the disruption caused by digital technology and the ever increasing expectations of the “connected” member. This is a digital world and many association leaders are finding it exhausting to keep up! But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Belief in the adage that “what gets measured get done” just may be the[…]

Want to Millennials to Engage More with your Association? Start with Being Inclusive

This blog was submitted by David Coletto, PhD of Abacus Data.  David is based in Ottawa and he will be opening up The Forum on Thursday, July 21 with a thought-provoking talk entitled Get Your Shift Together: Inspiring Organizational Change With Millennials.   This special presentation made possible by Speakers’ Spotlight. I’m excited to be a keynote speaker at[…]